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Custom Saddles

The selection of products manufactured by Ben Swanke Saddlery are not only of the highest quality, but are also available in a variety of options to ensure you find exactly what you’re looking for. With top-of-the-line materials,  and a highly qualified team, we guarantee complete satisfaction. 

Saddle #1

Wade Saddle
Saddles 075.jpg

Saddle #2

Saddles 076.jpg
Saddles 073.jpg

The wood-post Wade tree is very popular all over the world today. Most people seem to like the round skirts, this helps to make your saddle a little lighter weight. We highly recommend a flat plate rigging with half stirrup leathers and what we refer to as TC fenders. TC fenders are simply our version of cutting horse fenders. With the smaller fenders and half stirrup leathers the saddle is more comfortable, free swinging and less bulky, therefore making your saddle feel narrow. This all helps to eliminate a lot of knee and leg pain.

For all of our working cowboys that need heavy duty saddles, we are happy to use the heavier grade leather, full stirrup leathers and wider fenders.

Saddle #3

Saddles 082.jpg

Saddle #4

wade saddle
Wade Saddle
western saddle

Saddle #5

Western Saddle
western saddle

The swell-fork is experiencing a lot more popularity today. We’ve always built a variety of them. Our most popular swell-fork today is the Buster Welch Ranch Cutter. We also make a variety of Will James, Lieuallen, Montana Packers, T.M. Ropers, Chuck Shepard Ropers, and so many more. All our swell-forks are able to be customized in swell width, thickness, and wood post or metal horn.  

Saddle #6

western saddle

Saddle #7

western saddle
western saddle

Saddle #8

Saddle #9

western saddle
western saddle
wester saddle

Saddle #10

Wade Saddle

Saddle #11

Wade Saddle

Saddle #12

Western Saddle

Saddle #13

Wade Saddle

Saddle #14

Swanke Saddle
DSC_0608 1
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